10-09-20 Kingsley: Playdate at Zip Line

Thursday 10th September 2020

The boys have been waiting patiently an entire week for this Playdate to happen, and here we are Thursday 3pm at the school gates Jesse, Kingsley and old Kindy buddy Cleopatra about to skip all the way to Zip Line Park. And to add to the joy its Cleo’s birthday today. Of course I’m prepared for all occasions even impromptu birthday celebrations, for in this double pram basket is a box of Connoisseur icecreams. Kingsley gallantly hands them out the first icecream he gives to Cleo. And when the three kids are seated, the three parents sing “Happy Birthday”.

Later that afternoon, and much to Kingsley’s amusement Cleo begins counting 1 to 10 in Greek. 1 to 7 is easy but at 8 she gets muddled. Οχτώ, εννέα…Kings helps her along and then in unison the kids tell ΔΈΚΑ!

Off they skip to play with their Ooshies till Erroll arrives and I bid Kavita and Hans adieu.