27-05-17 Baby Sitter

Saturday 27th May 2017

First time baby sat at a resort little darling! At 7pm your ‘teacher’ Miss Choy came to room 8215 and introduced herself to you while Mummà and Ba-Bāh held our collective breaths to see how a) you’d respond and b) whether you’d last till 9:30pm.

Well you did – positively – on both counts. And when Miss Choy brought you to the restaurant at 9:35pm you were wrapped in her embrace and clearly in love. She fed you spaghetti and vanilla icecream from room service, took you to play fuzzball at the hotel’s Joy Zone, got Miss Belle to open up the Kids Club (after hours, just for you) and borrowed a DVD from Reception which you both watched, in bed, as she spoon fed you icecream. Then took you for walkies to meet us after dinner.

Needless to say we’ve already booked Miss Choy for tomorrow night.

Here is your day, in photos…