10-07-17 Miss Meli Gone to Paris

Monday 10th July 2017

Was interesting watching Kingsley this morning as he woke, toddled out of our bedroom, poked his head into the spare room and asked where Miss Meli is.

I had by this stage been up for almost 5 hours and scrubbed then bleached the house (other than our bedroom where the male Hartleys were still fast asleep). Miss Meli was en route to Abu Dhabi for her seven hour flight to Paris. Fingers crossed her lungs would heal from recent asthma attacks and violent illnesses brought on by the extreme weather of Dubai (something is Hartleys are now used to it seems).

Once awake Kingsley was not in the business of mincing about indoors. At precisely 11am, one hour after he woke, Kingsley’s bezzies came over. The Hassan girls ran through the front door and discovered all the fun of someone else’s toys. I dutifully mixed their mum a fruity cocktail. We partied then headed out to the pool. Hours of sun followed, and the kids drinking the poolwater didn’t stop them from diving in again and again.

But one event did cause Kingsley to stop swimming altogether. And cry non bloody stop: he somehow scraped off the top few layers of skin from the tops of his toes. Oozing blood, open lesions and flapping skin flipped him out (made me queasy too). We figured out how it happened once he stopped bellowing. Its his crazy dive bombs. Hasn’t yet mastered the art of tucking his legs in resulting in scraping those feet on the side of the pool.

Now to convince the girls to get out of the pool and him that a shower won’t hurt…