Full Time Mumma: 1 Year

1st February 2016

February marks the month last year, that I finally stowed away my heels, and bid farewell to corporate life. For it was exactly one year ago that my team gathered in my office cut cake, hear the boss shuffle on his feet and spit out some very complimentary praise to cap off over six years in his service.

Today, like every day since then, I have woken at leisure, taken my sweet time in brewing a tea, and worn flat shoes out of the house. Kingsley and I decided to meet up with one of our Dubai besties at the park next to Souk al Bahar, this winter’s day turning into a glorious affair. We three enjoyed a picnic with the mighty Burj Khalifa as our backdrop.

Untold joy is what I have felt each day since I literally embraced our boy as a full time mumma 365 days ago. Today I felt just as jolly…

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