17-09-18 Camping with JiaJia Day 1 Again

Monday 17th September 2018

We three wake as usual, play on the balcony and complete puzzles like usual, i feed the champ apple and cheesy ΤΟΣΤ as usual and get him to the school bus on time. Not a kiss goodbye as he rushes on for this the beginning of his 3rd week of Kindy but he does grant us a smile next to beloved Miss Xristīna. And as of 8:45am his parents are free.

JiaJia Dora will have Kingsley for a second week running; just those two in Saronida while Erroll and I explore Athens. She says ‘come back on Friday’ and we GO!

First stop is a scan at Mitera Hospital with Markel’s parents. Four limbs moving!  Next is exploring Athens by ourselves and ending the day eating chicken souvlaki with greek salad and a mountain of pita. Our first night in mum’s cosy apartment in Θήρα 38-40 is magical – knowing Linus is in safe hands.