17-06-19 Kingsley: McD Soft Serve

Monday 17th June 2019

After jiu-jitsu Kingsley and I (carrying Keanu) decided to take our sweet time mooching about Bondi Junction. By eating his lunch now (which he didn’t eat at school) he would be bought one stationary item from Smiggles, his favourite store this season. So the kid duly ate his macaroni & cheese (dull; cold) as he scoured the shelves, every offering he touched, handled, opened or pressed between little hands. The lady at Smiggles knows us by now: me the frazzled unkempt mother forever carrying a baby while feeding our big boy his lunch remains by hand.

Today’s loot: a personal reading book light for γιαγιά and a ‘K’ icecream charm to hang off Kinsley’s school bag (it smells of strawberry scratch & sniff style!). But that wasn’t enough; Kingsley wanted an ice cream – and a McDonald’s soft serve at that. A casual but firm ‘no’ from me led to floppy-body behaviour (why does the child hurl himself to the ground? Does it not hurt??) but all is forgotten when I let him push the Woolies trolley out onto Bronte Rd. And its here we spot Mr. Δημήτρης wuth a fag hanging out of his mouth to whom Linus extends his hand and a loud hopeful “Κύριε Δημήτρης!”.

The joy in both their faces: a neighbourly acquaintance and a 70 year age difference (at least) but one thing in common: the taste for a McDonalds soft serve. So off these two unlikely mates went to get themselves two cones rendering us late to the bus stop and missing the 353. Home in the dark, Keanu fast asleep on my chest, Kingsley triumphant for having somehow bagged gifts and his coveted soft serve.