08-08-19 Twins: All Day with Mumma

Thursday 8th August 2019

Daddy has the day off and he’s off to his tax accountant. Tedious stuff. I get to slink around in my pyjamas feeding two hungry mouths who are incredibly ravenous for 6 month babies. The repertoire goes like this: milk to start the day either boob or formula.

After a while their hunger sets in so it is breakfast of banana and Greek yoghurt. Milk before a nap then food for lunch which today was chickpea soup and sweet potato puree. Milk before nap then snack of bananas. Dinner is egg yolks runny lightly fried in butter. Water all day. Milk before sleep.

But before sleep Elektra and I make a getaway, albeit just for an hour she in the buggy rugged up and me with my grocery list. She passes out while we walk through Coogee. The boys are at jiu-jitsu. Us girls go to Woolies. The irony is not lost on me!