Kingsley: Sami Seal

Monday 10th November 2014

Your enchanting Aunty Vicki came round this evening for cuddles and dinner, and of course could not help herself, but brought you a plush stuffed animal – Sami Seal – for a present. You immediately became thrilled with this addition to your menagerie, hugged it, squealed with happiness and gave a winning smile to your girl crush whom you were hugging.

Vicki is a genuine pro at entertaining infants. Stimulating babies brains through art, dance and within the classroom is what Vicki does for a living through her work at a teacher at GEMS here in Dubai. And it shows: you are bewitched by her energy and presence.

I, too, make efforts and take every opportunity within our community to include you in playdates, because social skills are valuable at every stage of life. Spending time with other chirren and adults like Miss Vicki will teach you about forming friendships, other personality type and what I desire you shall show bucket loads of in the future, empathy and compassion for people.

Vixta sami seal 003 Vixta sami seal 004 Vixta sami seal 005

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