25-05-17: Phuket Action Packed

Thursday 25th May 2017

Today Kingsley finally swam with his Aunty Mika and Jimmy and best of all his cousin Tilly. All we heard was ‘look, Tilly!’ as he’d dive under the water and swim /paddle /keep head above water. She laughed and seemed to like his face alot. He in turn was doe eyed for her.

But this was when his dad wasn’t around. As soon as Erroll appeared poolside it was ‘Ba-Bāh,  BA-BĀH! !’ and into the water they’d go. All afternoon submerged till I forced them out only because it was dinner time. Otherwise Kingsley would have been very satisfied being fed cornflakes between dunks.

Here is how day 4 in tropical paradise unfolded…