15-10-20 Twins: Australia Post

Thursday 15th October 2020

The ladies at Australia Post Coogee have watched these two wontons grow throughout the covid plague, each week we visit them to send cards and packages to loved one.

After sending our love letters we hit Woolies and Coles but now Keanu is conditioned to escape his 5 point harness every time we enter the fruit & veg section, does a Houdini and notwithstanding my reprimands and even forceful hand, gets out!

He’s not a runner thankfully; he’s an excited grocery aisle potterer bringing Elektra and I various plastic bottles of mayo and at least 20 bags of lollies. The girl is delighted by the tribute though bellows when I put them all back on the shelves. Milk help; a bottle down the hatch quietens them right down and I even manage to put Keanu back in his driver’s seat.