26-07-16 BEROCCA a Day

Tuesday 26th July 2016

For a good few weeks now Kingsley has been badgering me for a sip of my beloved (and necessary) daily drink of BEROCCA. Admittedly it is delicious, refreshing, sweet and gives an almighty boost to energy levels and mental sharpness. And the one time I gave him a wee drink of it (a fortnight ago) has caused this his latest obsession. Every single morning.

Today I relented and gave him his own waterbottle full of the stuff. Just half a BEROCCA tablet dropped into his bottle; figured couldn’t do him any harm. We both watched as it dissolved, bubbled, frothed gently at the top as he readied himself for the initial taste. ‘MMMMMM; YUMMY!’ he declared. Following him outside onto the balcony, I enjoyed his innocent happiness at being give his own special orange brew; the one Mummá always has!

And it’s true: I don’t go a day without BEROCCA, sometimes even two I down (one morning, one late afternoon) especially in Dubai or in the summer months of a Greek holiday. I’d rather drink this stuff than a beer anyway.

Post script: out of interest I read up on whether toddlers can be administered BEROCCA. It’s a definite NO. Far too high a concentration of vitamins and minerals that even exceed adult recommended doses. Sorry darling son: this BEROCCA that I snapped you thoroughly saviouring today? Well that will be your very last one till you hit adolescence. Back to plain water and full fat cows milk for you…