14-06-17 Central Park Dubai

Wednesday 14th June 2017

My head is pounding from an ache caused by this excessive heat. Or it may be due to the aircon we’re obliged to have switched on day and night or it could be because I’ve contracted a stinking cold and this blocked nose may well be the end of me.

Alas a measly sniffle and feeling like crap are not enough reasons to keep Kingsley cooped up indoors. God knows I tried: entertainment, ipad, movies, games and books can do only so much for an active boy. By 2pm cabin fever set in; intervention was nevessary. So I did what we both enjoy doing: take us swimmies!

Across the road heading towards Dubai Mall is the Central Park precinct which now Spinneys calls home. Our very own community supermarket is a big deal during 50 degree centigrade days. But even more exciting is the extraordinary pool level up high among the sky scrapers. Its here Kingsley and I cheekily swim, I top up my Phuket tan and he practice on the kick board…