30-08-17 Lights Out

Wednesday 30th August 2017

I’m out for the day and night. Of all places to visit while on a Greek odyssey I’m off to IKEA; necessary because come June 2018 the Hartleys are here for the entire summer. And we need a couch and a table. And other cute things for this cosy bedsit. Exhausted from shopping I get home at 9pm.

JiaJia Dora has babysitting duties. Kingsley’s bored at home so they’re out at the pedikī harā three times and for hours at a time. She reports how he played with new little mates and even asked permission of a daddy there in a respectful manner to play with his son’s toy gouroūna. He’s obsessed with 4WDs of all sizes.

In the evening Kingsley asks to eat a cob of corn. He’d smelt the tasty bbq corn at our town square; each summer the corn cob man blazes up a fire and cooks them up each toasty cob selling for €2. Well of course Kingsley took one bite and pushed it aside. I find the nibbled cob in the kitchen eaten by ants and the little man like this, lights out…