05-12-16 Walt Disney Magic Kingdom

Monday 5th December 2016

So very magical even this second time to Magic Kingdom and even more so for the little champ who turns three in two days and for Erroll the big birthday boy, both of whom receive commemorative badges to mark their celebration.

We hit the Kingdom hard with non stop rides including roller coasters since Kingsley is officially tall enough for many of them: 38 inches (or 97 cm) tall! And weighing 18 kilos (or 40 pounds), Kingsley is solid enough to even drive a motor speedway car with his Ba-Bâh as navigator.

My only gripe is that the kid will not under any circumstances either sit him his pram or eat anything, at all. So he runs about for the thirteen hours we are away from our hotel, including to and from the ferryboat which takes us to the shores of Magic Kingdom, starving but far too excited to drink water or eat even hot chippies and wildly darting through the throngs of Disney pilgrims aiming for rides, while Erroll yells at him to ‘come back’. Non stop. For thirteen hours.

Still all is not lost for it is certain that exhaustion will knock him out. Indeed tonight will mark night 4 of Kingsley sleeping in his own bed while Erroll and I get reacquainted with each other as more than just ‘parents’. Yay! Disney was worked its magic alright…


The moment we arrive into Magic Kingdom and fight off the crowds to take this photo, at 8:50am.


Dusk begins to colour the sky magically


As usual the child grimaces for our family portrait, wanting release from our clutch


Midday at the enchanted castle


Dusk at the enchanted castle