15-02-17 Records

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Today we have hit some high watermarks that definitely should be documented. Firstly, Kingsley slept in till past 9AM, again, leaving me and Erroll to lounge around in pyjamas till 10:30 when I finally dragged myself to the kitchen when I heard Erroll negotiating playtime versus breakfast time with Kingsley. After 14 hours of sleep the kid was hungry…

Hunger is a real thing in our household. Today Kingsley is fed a breakfast for growing boys: 2 Babybel cheeses + 2 fried eggs + 200 grams of Greek yoghurt + 2 bowls of rice bubbles. Soon after the lads head out for play at the Satwa basketball courts and I prepare lunch. And then the snacks are offered, then we all as a family fall to sleep for our nap. But I was certainly not prepared for the 4 hours our son will nap – 4:45 till 8:45! He gets that from his father, the sleepyhead.

Third record broken this 24 hour period is how much supper Kingsley consumes: 4 milky weetbix and a huge bowl of cheesy pasta. We are definitely up for a new sleeping record tonight after that effort.