28-10-20 Twins: Farewelling Θεία Αγάβη

Wednesday 28th October 2020

Today we attended the celebration of a life; my late dad’s twin sister, our aunt. We brought along our own twins who sprinkled so much joy and light to the occasion: everyone was in a great mood and telling funny tales. It got me thinking of the futility of fighting lost causes. And mud-slinging. And what Confucius said: those who sling mud, lose ground.

Elektra slept en route to Rookwood, woke as mass ended and joined the party. Keanu could’ve been mistaken for an angel so well behaved and sweet he was in mass and at the wake. Then passed out en route home unable to wake even as we got in the driveway. He of course accompanied Erroll to pick Kingsley up from school. Both babies beloved by the entire Tzannetis – Tyrokomos clan.