Kingsley: Those who Build Dubai

Saturday 3rd January

Third day on the trot to be glued to Kingsley; just he and I and our own wants and desires for our entertainment. Today we met with our friends the Heitmanns in a secret children’s play park in the middle of busting Downtown. Here, the kids exchanged gifts and I even received my birthday pressie (which was totally unexpected and a true delight to receive. Thank you Shell and Mike!)

On our way home we stopped by a building site and paid a visit to a kindly worker. He stayed with us, on the side of the road, for a good half hour entertaining the child and in turn Kingsley bringing sunshine and innocent joy to a man who is part of the army which builds Dubai and who is doubtless far away from his own loved ones…

park 005 park 006 park 007 park 008 park 009

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