03-06-20 Twins: Off to Dental Pediatrix

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Erroll is early to work which means I am swamped by children. Three to one of me but I cope and thrive, taking all three to Kingsley’s Dental Pediatrix appointment at Bondi Junction. Up Alison Road we trudge these babies are getting hard to push but hey, it’s my workout.

Elektra is these past two days walking. Today she chooses to walk from room to room often holding an Easter Basket or a bottle of water.

Keanu continues to pull Elektra’s hair which causes her grave distress, she cries LOUDLY and sheds real tears. We walk Kingsley to school from Randwick then up we walk the three of us back to Randwick for lunch and shopping. A first: both babies eat an entire banana each while at Woolies. Kush the Nepalese Fruit & Veg manager hands them each one and to my utter surprise Keanu gobbles his up all by himself after I help peel it. Then Miss Envy wants one too and there she goes eating hers without assistance!