20-12-17 Christmas Crafts

Wednesday 20th December 2017

This afternoon these two ordered their own ‘babycino’ from our Gloria Jeans waitress. Frothy and chocolaty it came to our table while us mums attempted to enjoy our teas. I knew my green tea eould remain untouched so long as we stayed at the café…so ordered it take-away. And I was right. Absolute chaos became of what we thought would be a civilized sit-down for a cuppa.

Kingsley emptied a packet of white sugar into Haarleen’s hair (plaits no less); my idea of bringing along plasticine was sound in theory (let the kids get creative at the café while Min and I chat away) but the kids fought over which colour they prefered and then the sticky stuff got everywhere especially under their shoes on in the tread; bringing along a bubble-making wand was fun for 6 seconds until they fought over whose go it was and ultimately the soapy substance went all over Kingsley then the floor. Beneath our feet was a wet mash of plasticine, milk, biscuits, soap. Shameful parents!

We left Gloria Jeans as quickly as I could clean it all up (wet wipes save the day again) and left a decent tip to our waitress.