Kingsley: 6Yrs+01Mth

Tuesday 7th January 2020

For this your birthday month our treat to you is two ice creams (one cornetto, one Bulla) and tennis camp.

Your current obsession is making your siblings laugh, carrying them from room to room, bouncing them on the trampoline.

Best buddies are Lachie Shepherd and Jesse and Isaac. You know the Greek national anthem by heart and delight in reciting it (for a fee: Γιαγιά always pays with gold coin). When our priest Πάτερ Αγγαθάνγελο came to the front door the other day, you ran from me to γιαγια, room to room, in order to rouse us to answer the door bell (God is here! Ο Θεούλης είναι εδώ! You implored us to moce our butts!)