26-07-17 Selfies before Pool Date with Ruth

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Its so hot today that we only get out of the house after 3pm. Well Erroll and Kingsley do; I send them off to fulfill a mission: a shopping trip on the child’s beloved pink scooter. Basic stuff like yoghurt, bananas, apples (Jazz only), Laban. An hour later they burst through the door drenched in sweat, Erroll carrying two shopping bags, Kingsley’s scooter and both their shoes. Kingsley runs up to me and confesses their ‘secret’ – Erroll bought Kingsley a bottle of apple juice, and Kingsley drank it all. The cute comedic duo begin their sketch: Erroll looks shocked that Kingsley has betrayed their contraband beverage, hands on hips and a big smirk on his face daddy calls out ‘NiNii!!!” NiNii’e eyes widen and thrilled he tells me how his ‘tummy said thank you for the tasty apple juice, Mumma!’ Don’t be mad with daddy, he pleads. I come up to Erroll tell him he will get smacks on the bum now. Kingsley falls about is happy joy hitting me on the bum now. We three jump on our bed and roll around for the next hour.

But before all of this family time, and while Erroll was sleeping off a killer jetlag, Kingsley got his hands on my ipad and conducted a series of selfies, far too many to post here (at least 100, I kid you not)…

In the evening, Kingsley’s cute neighbour Ruth invited him for a pool party at Rolex Tower. Here he astounded everybody at the pool with not so much his dive-bombing and extreme sportsmanship, but that 25 meter swim he started and finished in style, unaided by buoyancy apparatus and not swallowing any pool water. BRAVO Kingsley!