15-12-17 Al Khazzan Park with Oscar

Friday 15th December 2017

Felt awful waking Kingsley at 9:30 am however we had a play date arranged with Rebecca and her 5 year old, Kingsley’s mate Oscar for 10!

The kiddo however did not complain once, just stretched out luxuriously and asked where are we off to. (Dear me how much travel has Kingsley endured that his body wakes immediately and he assumes we are about to board a plane, no matter what time of the day or night).

Our winters day in Dubai was magnificent- breezy, cool, shady. Oscar and Kingsley recognized one another immediately, hugged and ran off into Al Khazzan Park leaving Rebecca and I to schlepp in with our picnics. The offerings were all pure junk: rainbow cake left over from Kingsley’s birthday, apple juice, cookies from our recent Orlando to Dubai Emirates flight and crisps. My bananas were snubbed.

The boys played uninhibited and very well together. Kingsley ran toward me at one stage needing a wee then upgraded the urgency -to a poo. Oscar didn’t get that far and caused for a change of clothes. At another point Kingsley comes up to me stating that he has been rejected from a group of kiddies he and Oscar were just now playing with. My poor darling picked on, bullied perhaps. A little bit of me died. Later on when I engaged Kong’s,he in recounting what exactly led to his banishment. Turns out the other little boys didn’t like ‘being hit’ by Kingsley. Hmm, I see, very clearly. Little rat bag son of mine causing mischief.

Today Rebecca and I didn’t have a care in the world poos and playground dramas notwithstanding: we were enjoying Dubai and best of all our busy boys were becoming for firm friends.