26-08-20 Kingsley: Walking to School

Wednesday 26th August 2020

No his favourite way to get to school (100% prefers being driven) but our ritual to walking together hand in hand all the way to the school gate has both of us falling back into love. It took Erroll being away in Perth for 5 days that led us to this point – γιαγιά looking after both babies often crying when I leave by stealth through the back door, Kingsley distressed by their cries and simultaneously trying to put his shoes on) – and now we both look forward to our 20 minutes of songs, cuddles, laughter, Q&A, and always Eye Spy.

As we approach the school gate he takes his school bag, kisses me goodbye and nowadays whispers “μάμα, don’t call out I love you! Shhh now!”. But I always tell out “Νινί ΝΙΝΊ!! Σ αγαπώ! ΝΙΝΊ!”. He pretends to not like it but its with a huge grin and hands waving at me as he approaches his class line that I categorically know he’s feeling loved, wanted, belongs.

And as he marches into the school building he waves and smiles at me till I see him no longer. My heart bursts from joy knowing Linus feels all the love I have for him.