13-08-19 Kingsley: Jigging Chess

Tuesday 13th August 2019

You did it again: jigged chess. I’m so cranky! And tonight I exolode. Very mad and confused as to why you’d skip chess when you tell me and daddy that you like learning to play. And no answer but tears! So daddy cuddles you after yiur shower then off to bed. Meanwhile I plan on calling the chess club to let them know you’re joining in tomorrow. And Miss Panousis will escort you there or else I will.

Apart from this glitch our day is fantastic. Me, daddy, Kingsley and Elektra spend five hours together, from 3 till 8 at Bondi Junction at jiu-jitsu, then at Spring Street Playground with Arthur. Here we play musical statues and lava zombies. Kids are starving so I feed them sour dough rolls. Shopping is next. We buy a ‘Where’s Wally’ dress up costume for upcoming Book Week and tracksuit bottoms as Kingsley’s current pair have a hole in them. They’re in the rubbish bin now!

With your sister watching you train jiu-jitsu