Kingsley: Tummy Time

10th May 2014

Ah the dreaded tummy time: how Master Kingsley despises you…

Its only relatively recently that our child has not whaled inconsolably when placed on his tummy. Only this past month has Kingsley kind of “accepted” that every now and again he’ll be turned on his belly and encouraged to use his arms and neck, back and shoulders to lever himself off the ground.

But the breakthrough came today by the pool, over on the lime green patch of astro turf where mum and I placed the boy for this photo shoot. He looked adorable in his electric blue onesie and in such a jolly mood after his swim that we thought to give tummy time a go. Well what do you know? A smiling baby! Curiosity and cooing; push-ups and craned neck.

Tada! By consistently playing and challenging him before I knew it Kingsley finally pushed his little chest off the ground. I think our little man is getting ready to roll…

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