25-03-17 Over Stuffed

Saturday 25th March 2017

While you sleep off being overfed at dinner (and a subsequent spew), our dearest Miss Lena came over for hours of chat and a bowl of lentil soup. She also ate some of the Lindt chocolate bunny you insisted you have while shopping today at Carrefour. You ate the bunny ears; Lena ate the neck.

Speaking of eating, I want to apologize to you little one, for overfeeding you this evening. I fed you so much that you vomited. It was a volcanic eruption and could not be stopped. After all I did handfeed you for over an hour while you sat on your highchair watching Greek cartoons. I promise to never over stuff you ever again.

Of course my guilt is eating me up because now you are asleep with an empty stomach. For all the good it did to ensure you were fed tasty and nourishing fare today. Silly me. Poor you. And to think I got cranky at you for putting a dent in our white lacquer coffee table this morning. I yelled so loudly that I gave myself a headache. Almost deranged I became. Still, what a beautiful child you are in how you managed to calm me down after my rage.

After I raged loudly, frightened Kingsley and gave myself a burst cranial arteriole and resultant headache, I retreated to the bedroom. JiaJia Dora as calmly as possible gave Kingsley some instruction on what to do next. Follow your Mumma into the bedroom; approach her, get real close and ask her for forgiveness, she said. Tell her you are sorry for putting a dent in the coffee table and that you will never do that again. And when she looks at you and nods, take her hand and kiss it like she is your Queen.

Kingsley did exactly as his JiaJia Dora told him to.

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Taken 23rd December 2015 in Dubai

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