16-02-19 Kingsley: Kingsguard

Saturday 16th February 2019

Another minor miracle – we make it on time to Jiu-Jitsu class. Late again for the 353 bus of course but I don’t mind since we run late due to Linus needing the loo. And we all prefer he goes to the loo at home rather than be struck by the urgent need to go under a tree as we did literally every day while living in Σαρωνίδα.

Its my second time bringing Kingsley to class – and my first Saturday. Parents are so open to chat here! Friendly and cheering all the kids on. Saturdays are busy with lots of kids on the mat. Sensai Mark works the 5 year olds with a mix of discipline and fun. They learn one technique per class and practice on each another.

Each child wears his own Gi; Kingsley proudly wears his very own blue one but we’re having trouble keeping the belt tightly wrapped. We’re also having alot of trouble focusing on the take-downs; our joyful son prefers to dance around with his opponent, not aiming to win any sparring contests.

Nevertheless Sensai remains consistent with his praise and instructions and won’t award stripes unless earned. And they’re earned through the observance of discipline and the demonstration of skills, none of which our darling son displayed today.

Kingsguard – as Sensai has christened Kingsley – will earn them one day just not today. In the meantime he’ll receive a well earned treat however: a trip to McDonalds…