30-05-18 Ba-Bāh Leaves Dubai

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Erroll’s email in adieu to Dubai!

Sweet pea,
Finally en route to Sydney after a technical problem.
Go figure my repatriation flight a delay anyway we are inflight.
I have a whole row to myself and can you believe I know many crew so the purser said I can chill out in business class you know!
Good bye DXB and now off to Athena to spend some much needed time with my WIFE & SON
Bring It On.
Luv Husband.xxxx😘

Today after school we bumped into Fīvos and his JiaJia. The talk in our corridor was a) what the kiddies learned at school and b) that Dorötheos’ Ba-Bāh is coming to Saronītha in three sleeps.

Kingsley is beaming from this his own news story. Telling his mates that daddy arrives in town is ace. Fifteen days and nights as a family. Bring it on indeed, Erroll.