Day 12: Beach

Saturday 27th February 2016

What a sensational day! Sunny, bright, breezy, beachy, active and filled with good expat Aussie friends and their kidlets. I am buzzing from an infusion of Vitamin D and the salty feeling from dipping in the Arabian Gulf.

By fluke, Erroll is here today (but of course, gone tomorrow to Paris) and our mates, the Aussie contingent here in Dubai has arranged a day by the seaside in Umm Sequeim near the little boat harbour and adjacent to the newly reprofiled section of Kite Beach, a place we’ve not been to for four years.

Theee couples and five kids, with another baby in the oven. I guess that makes five and a half kids!! Of the adults I was the sole crazy lady who flung herself into the tepid waters, among the kids and frothy waves. All the guys stayed in their shorts and t-shirts. After twelve days of tests and injections I was edging on madness however becoming immersed in clean waters washed all my neuroses away; I was finally having FUN!!


Wearing the gift which came as part of an Aussie care package: my angel t-shirt, care of Kingsley’s Oma