01-11-19 Twins: Acropolis

Friday 1st November 2019

A first! Sightseeing in glorious Athens with these two while Kingsley stays at school. The twins are remarkably well behaved and downright pleasant to carry for the 9 hours Erroll and I lugged them about. I held Elektra while daddy held Keanu from Saronida on the 122 bus service to Elliniko, then onto the Anthoupolis train service which let us off at Acropolis. From here we followed our noses into tiny alleyways sometimes not wide enough for us both. Elektra slept a good spell while Keanu today wanted a lesson in the antiquities.

They drank 3 bottles of milk before we even alighted the train. We had a very jolly Elektra at Brettos where us adults shared a glass of 46% Ouzo. She got a fair portion of it rubbed on her gums. Worked a treat! Our girl smiled and danced in her carrier then passed out for an hour which is fortunate because we walk all the way to Marina’s for lunch.

At Θεία Μαρίνα the babies eat banana and bread while we gorge on fish, giant beans, tzatziki and salad. They’re completely spoilt by their Θεία Μιρέλλα who gives us a suitcase full of baby clothes. And how timely this is: both babies wet and in need of an outfit change. Viola, Βασιλάκη και Μαρίνας onesies are now on ours.

Home late for a dinner of miky oats and yoghurt.