12-02-18 Oz Day 22

Monday 12th February 2018

I schlepp the kid around Sydney today: Eastgardens, Maroubra, Daceyville, Alexandria, Randwick, Coogee. Its a scorcher but we’ve got places to be and he’s super keen to join Sylvia who drives us to Eastgardens – our first visit this trip. Highlights for Kingsley is playing at the softplay area outside Woolies and making friends with 3 year old Christina a half Greek half Samoan girl from Mascot. They play so well and after an hour the JiaJia Christina gives them both an Easter bunny chocolate which Kingsley demolishes. The little girl I’m told had a rare eye cancer, was treated and now wears a glass eye.

Off to Scott’s new salon where we meet Luca on Maroubra Rd, Kingsley takes his hand and the two of them head to the bottle-O while I chill with Scott. When the boys get back with their beers and cans of Jack Daniel & coke Kingsley plays for a full hour with the gas-pedal stools. So staying is fun. Leaving the salon is hell; he wants the gas-pedal stools. Hysteria.

Next – a commute to SM Rosen. By the time we get out of our accountants offices in Botany Kingsley is tired of walking. But lo! We find a Maclaren buggy in the tip so the little King  gets the chariot treatment all the way to Coogee. I disappear for drinks with Scott.