12-02-21 Twins: Queens Park

Friday 12th February 2021

The instant we’re out walking me pushing the double pram, Elektra relaxes, eases into position and drinks her milk. She’s ready to be taken into a slumber by Father Sleep; never fights it; thoroughly enjoys drifting off, nary a sound from her mouth. Before I know it she’s asleep and I’m not willing to wake her by entering fluorescent-lit Coles. So we just keep walking. Coogee to Randwick, Clovelly then Queens Park. Here she wakes and Keanu spots the playground; we’re not leaving here any time soon!

So out they get full wet nappies, change both and both bolt off to play. Keanu wears Elektra’s frilly satin underpants. He wants a toy truck an older boy has. There’s a tousle, the older boy’s grandmother intervenes but Keanu chooses to give it back before there’s any fuss. What a wonderful child we’re rearing. So much for the older kid and his grandmother not suggesting the boys share all the toys the other kid has. Oh well: Keanu handles it well and me better directing the twins to swing. I’m ready to push them high!

Erroll soon arrives with nappies and clothing and we all play so beautifully together in the cool breeze of late summer.

Keanu finally passes out after lunch as we make our way back to Coogee after our Randwick shop.

Interesting to note how the babies have found a routine in their new playroom. After our shower this late afternoon all it took for them to scuttle in there, sit quietly and patiently wait for a movie is me saying “would you like to watch a movie?’. In they go, eating macaroni and fresh tomatoes from Mr. John’s garden.