25-04-17 Chocolate Milk

Tuesday 25th April 2017

For a welcome change I am not late in bringing Kingsley downstairs to the bus or picking him up come afternoon. I’ve zero excuse to always be late considering the service is door-to-door. This morning I am spotted by Miss Xristīna stuffing toast on Kingsley’s paw and threatening him should he not eat it en route to school…

Morning school run – we are on time!

Fast forward seven hours, this arvo I’ve got Kingsley’s chocolate milkshake tetra pack ready as a treat for wheh he disembarks. Its a hit! Mumma win moment and aren’t i proud! Firstly I am not late; in fact am very happily waiting for Mr. Mixăli’s bus to arrive a full five minutes my hands full of tasty treats for my famished scholarly son. Here is the face that greets me!

Home time

Chocolate milk awaits!