08-12-17 Sleep All Day

Friday 8th December 2017

How confusing to wake up, as a family, to dusky darkness outside. What time is it? Is it still pre-dawn? If so what hour? Could it be we’ve slept through the entire day? Not likely I figure. And with that determination I shush Kingsley to go back to sleep. He won’t however. Reckons its daytime.

We have slept the day away it turns out. Kiddo will have to deal will staying indoors till it is me who suffers cabin fever; we’ve got to get out of the apartment and since there’s nothing in the fridge, nor pantry nor bread basket its an easy decision to take us to Towers Grocery for food. Kingsley’s in PJs on his pink scooter and I’m in my pink Alice in Wonderland PJs shuffling in hotel slippers.

Its been raining! The air is fresh and we both enjoy the hour we’re out while Erroll sleeps. Plus now I’ve got food to feed the child as we look through photos of yesterday at the Dubai Mall Mediclinic. Kingsley and his unnamed sweetheart playmate as they eat cookies she offered him…and he of course accepted