Kingsley: Nicoletta

Autumn 2017

At preschool for the northern Autumn Kingsley made a number of pals, a few buddies and a couple of true close friends. One close friend is Kingsley’s female doppelganger, Nicoletta.

From the day Kingsley began soccer practice we’ve been walking past her house. She is always waiting on her balcony Juliet-styles for Dorötheos’ Romeo. They call out to one another and chat through the gate. Her JiaJia is always with her so she and I chat too.

Finally one Saturday after soccer as we walked from Anāvissos to Saronītha stopping by Nicoletta’s house her dad and mum invited the tiny Romeo in. Nicoletta thought Christmas had arrived! She held Dorøtheos’ hand and led him about. Demanding from her mum, Lena, apple juice for her guest the kids were served. An hour later freshly made lunch of hot french fries and chicken parma is presented to the preschoolers who carry their placemats then plates carefully outside sitting side by side on the porch.

As the kids ate all the fries (and avoided the chicken parma) Nicoletta proudly told us all how she sat next to Dorötheos at lunch yesterday. Together they ate all their lentil soup she goes on. He just nodded still reeling in amazement that he was not only visiting his school friend but eating with her too.

After lunch the kids played basketball (his choice) and danced in the garden (hers). True friends.