Kingsley: Cael Christiansen

Wednesday 17th September 2014

Every morning at our house, we border on chaos. There are lots of adults and plenty of kids (well, two) and a lot of activity that goes on between the hours of waking and finally getting out the door. Corralling the infants into a holding pen so that the adults may bathe, or brush teeth or pee is a necessity.

At first Cael cried at being deposited into the cot, new to the surroundings that he was and unfamiliar with the routine his mum was attempting to establish. I’d place Kingsley in with Cael and soon enough the two rascals learned it was fun to be in the cot together surrounded by colouful fluffy toy friends.

Our mornings are now a little less hectic and all the brighter because of these two happy, content and restrained angels…

_NKN2942 Projectile 004 Projectile 008

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