29-07-20 Kingsley: French Class

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Week 2, and the second lesson of French with Miss Coco. Do you think I get any information from Kingsley regarding what he learns there? Any words or songs or numbers? I get nothing but the fact that he got to French class on time thanks to classmate Gia who held his hand all the way to the seniors block for their 3:15pm start.

But what I do know is our own family ritual every morning. Kingsley flies through our bedroom door, dives into bed Elektra jumping about thrilled her big brother gives her some attention. We all wrestle for a spell, Kingsley wrangles his body next to mine causing Elektra to squall in protest (she these days must be attached to me at all times). Then finally someone cries or I leave the room to fetch Kingsley’s breakfast in bed, so hand each of them a book and within moments they’re quiet and reading. Bliss.