Kingsley: 8 already

Friday 8th August 2014

What better way to spend the first weekend of Kingsley’s eight month of life, than swimming the warm (actually, very hot) waters of the Arabian Gulf, splashing a la plage with friends and then taking lunch all together at a cool little café.

Kingsley’s older (girl)friend, Layla – firstborn of Camilla and Adam Hassan – is terrific company. Loving the outdoors, Layla rivals boys her age for energy and good spirits; knocks to the ground are shrugged off and sharing rusks is standard practice. Kingsley likes very much to be near her when dining: the closer to Layla his highchair, the better. And I can see why: those dreamy pools for eyes…

Layla Jasmine, Kingsley's friend

Layla Jasmine, Kingsley’s friend

La Plage 021 La Plage 022 La Plage 025 la plage 027





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