13-02-17 Park Hyatt Creekside

Monday 13th February 2017

Our day is a most stress-free and enjoyable one with nowhere to be and no one to report to. Its the day before Erroll arrives home and in fact the day before Valentines Day, so my mind is on writing the home made cards Kingsley painted with watercolours yesterday, and buying two gifts – presents Kingsley and his dad will exchange tomorrow. Kingsley chose both while we braved the Diera City Centre crowds: a basketball (ready to be dribbled! Already inflated!) and a torch in the form of a dog which yelps when you use the lever to open its mouth/turn the flashlight on. I am secretly thrilled with my forethought and organisation skills because I even manage to wrap the pressies while simultaneously feeding Kingsley his two bowls of cheesy pasta and yoghurt dinner.

Earlier in the day we explored the magnificent, Morocco-inspired Park Hyatt. Here is our day…