36 Weeks: Bridesmaid to Camilla

No excuses, this pregnancy lark – even heavily knocked up friends are honoured with being asked to play bridesmaid these days. And I happen to be one such lucky bridesmaid! Friends Camilla and Adam took their vows in front of an intimate gathering of loved ones here in the UAE, and I had the distinction of standing by Camilla’s side in the proceedings.

Hassan Wedding 110a

Bridesmaid at 36 weeks pregnant, to Camilla’s bride. Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi, 7th November 2013

After (gingerly) walking down the aisle, in advance of Camilla and her dashing dad linked arm in arm, dancing and eating were going to be my main two activities at this wedding, and I needed a style I could move in, as well as a forgiving waistline that wouldn’t punish me for eating one too many helpings at the live station seafood buffet (crustaceans are my weakness).

Camilla of course possesses impeccable taste and shared her vision of a wedding with us her chosen bridesmaids, which has us all extremely excited to be part of. For my ‘situation’ Camilla designed a dress that embodied all the above criteria, and assembled upon my substantial frame – exactly 9 months pregnant I was at these nuptials – made me feel pretty, feminine, polished and not so huge!

Bride Camilla with her 3 bridesmaids: me, Rio and Nadia. 7th November 2013

Bride Camilla with her 3 bridesmaids: me, Rio and Nadia. 7th November 2013

The idea was to enhance the bump (not attempt to hide it in layers of fabric). Camilla also thankfully chose befitting shoes: silver, open-toe sandals, strappy, but not too tight or complicated. It was the right choice, as my feet not once grew swollen during the entire proceedings.

The same idea applied for hair, makeup and jewelry. Camilla encouraged us girls to do what felt comfortable and still appropriate. Hair was in a Grecian-style; loose, simple and classic up-do. I wasn’t about to try the new smokey-eye trend on my tired, sleep-deprived eyes. I chose minimal makeup: lashings of mascara, cheeks brushed with blusher and some lip gloss. That was it.

Bridesmaid to Camilla - November 7th 2013

Bridesmaid to Camilla – November 7th 2013

Now when I look at Camilla’s wedding I remember not the exhaustion of carrying an extra 16 kilograms about for 10 hours straight, nor the worry that my presence in the wedding party would render the official photos a disaster. All I see is joy and beaming friendships dressed in attire befitting of the beauty and depth only true attachments may lay claim to.


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