10-06-19 Twins: Snuggling

Monday 10th June 2019

I’m becoming acutely aware of how little time I spend snuggling both babies. At 4 months old all I did was snuggle Kingsley. Its a different beast these days being pulled by three babies. So today I decided to just lay with both of the twins at different times: with Keanu while Elektra was snoozing and right now at 6:30pm with Elektra while Keanu sleeps in his bassinet.

Its delightful and fulfilling! Kingsley at this minute is enjoying dunking crispy rusks into Jiajia’s milky coffee and I’m free to cuddle the little lady. She smiles her million dollar gummy mouth up at me then closes her eyelids.

This afternoon Kingsley cuddled his little sister as well. We’re all in snuggly moods.

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