Friday 3rd November 2017

Saronītha, Greece, chatting on line with friends about our collective times lived dancing in nightclubs

When we were courting (partying) I sent Erroll to move my car (lest I got a ticket). See, I couldn’t leave Arq as i was in a dance-off. Erroll found the car, drove round the block, miraculously found another car spot, came back to Arq to tell me about it.

We leave Arq next day; now we’re searching for the car through all the side streets of Darlo. Hours in the harsh light of Monday morning. Nothing.

Then we retrace a full 24 hours steps…and there the car was: in its original car spot.

Either Erroll was tripping that he actually moved it or he moved it and bloodywell parked it in the same spot.

September 2008, Redfern Sydney

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I run, I jump, I sing, I dance. Whether climbing trees, walls or stairs I do it at a clip. When out, my date is always Trusty Nikon (who never lets me down in the attire stakes; so smart in his black, with a pop of red!). Where does it lead, this love affair of mine? Well, its lead me to Dubai, via the matrimonial aisle, thanks to a gorgeous husband who whisked me from Coogee beach, Sydney into the Arabian Peninsula - to my new home, Dubai. I am a freelance writer and photographer and my wish is to snap away, to scribe and to share it all with you. Enjoy.
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