Kingsley: Poolside

Five month old Kingsley Charles Hartley, Dubai, UAE.

Five month old Kingsley Charles Hartley, Dubai, UAE.

Friday 9th May 2014

My second go at swimming. Venue: rooftop pool of our high-rise. Weather: warm, sunny, no breeze, 30 degrees Celsius. Accompanied by my Mumma and my Jiajia Dora, and wearing blue trunks, I will freely admit my presence at the pool caused a sensation. How many people wanted to hug and hold me? LOADS. Some folk were true strangers however came over so kindly that I took to them immediately, smiling and giggling at their charitable faces (I knew they just wanted to splash in the water with me, the cute little fella that I am) and with great affection did they take me in their arms and sing silly songs. Mumma was proud and she sang loudly too while I bobbed up and down in neighbor Eli’s arms or as I posed for a Frenchman’s photos (his wife almost did not hand me back to Mumma).

Mumma’s friend Lena was horrified that I was cast in the Dubai sun sans sunscreen and insisted on slathering a sticky muck all over me before promptly removing me from the pool and depositing me in the shade where Jiajia sat watching proceedings. Mumma swiftly brought me back to the pool and we played and played. Better than the shade, may I say.

Later on, Mumma and I took an outdoor shower (Mumma whispered that the muck on me was coming off by hook or crook). Of course hunger struck as it always does – out of the blue – so out came the milk-shake maker and I became immediately transported to tuck-shop heaven. Mmmm, milk.

Poolside milkshake order perfectly made to my liking. Thanks, Mumma.

At five months of age, Kingsley poolside

At five months of age, Kingsley poolside

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