Kingsley: Rolling Over

At 3 months 4 weeks, our cherub is beginning to worry us. No longer can we leave him in his Cocoon-a-baby safe in the knowledge that he ain’t going anywhere, for now Kingsley has learned of his own strength and seems determined to move about.

Kingsley at 3 months 4 weeks, laying in his Cocoon-a-baby

Kingsley at 3 months 4 weeks, laying in his Cocoon-a-baby

The infant has gained some good head control, and has also learned to sit up on his own with my support. Now all of a sudden he is attempting to roll over. I am shocked these last few days for when King reaches a level of frustration at being left alone to play on his back, he flexes his legs, throws his head and arches his back in an almighty gesture that screams “I WANNA MOVE!!!”.

I see what he is doing: getting ready to eventually flip over from his back to his tummy and vice versa. Soon enough he’ll use his newfound skill to get around a bit. O my word…


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