Kingsley: How I feel

These past three months have been a blissful blur of breastfeeding Master Kingsley on demand. That is, whip out the milkshake machines whenever the hunger strikes him. My sole job of course is to nourish this child I brought into the world. As such I am inclined to feel like the Udder Woman. Out they come, and he is latched on with the suction power of vacuum seal. In another life I would be our family cat, Dorathea, as she suffers silently yet contentedly, with her kittens attached forever to her bosom…

Dorathea and her brood

Dorathea and her brood

Dorathea and her brood

Dorathea and her youngest

Since Kingsley is remarkably perky, healthy, robust and active, whenever he is not feeding I must entertain him. That is, play games, sing and dance with him, sling him over my shoulder to give him a bird’s eye view of his world and make funny faces with him. He is already a handful…




3 Responses to Kingsley: How I feel

  1. Marcelo says:

    Lovely put My Darling…Kisses and hugs to the familiy!

  2. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    I just love you xxx

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing I always look forward to reading your posts one of the few blogs I still follow home decorated

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