My Sattvic Diet

According to Ayurveda, I am what I eat. And the supreme role of food is to act as medicine to the body. And like any medicine, it can cause harm when used inappropriately, or can aid / improve its functions. Intake of food in Ayurveda is also dependent on the combination of food: some foods interact positively with each other, and some do not.

Fruit is a leading Sattvic Food: Fresh Figs found on a fig tree in Saronida, Attica, Greece

Fruit is a leading Sattvic Food: Fresh Figs & Grapes found growing in nature in Saronida, Attica, Greece

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Sattvic Food is highly beneficial to mind and body. The basic characteristics of Sattvic foods is that they are fresh, naturally-derived and sweet. Fruit, dates, almond, tomatoes. Ginger, coriander, cinnamon, fennel and cardamom. Delish! As the song goes, these are a few of my favourite things…

According to Ayurveda, if my stomach is fine, then everything is fine. And for the stomach to be fine, the food I take in must be as well. Sattvic food is ideal for me (being the Coeliac that I am): it encourages good digestion and a healthy metabolism.

If you care to know, here are my taste-bud’s favourite Sattvic nibblies: fruit, veges, natural greek-set yoghurt and honey. Fruits contain three of the six rasas (flavours) in perfect proportion: sweet, sour and astringent. As a rule I eat fruit when its ripe and on an empty stomach. Yoghurt is a daily staple. Dates I am simply addicted to.

Fresh natural set unsweetened yoghurt is an essential component of the sattvic diet

Fresh natural set unsweetened yoghurt is an essential component of the sattvic diet

Think about it: some foods leave us feeling tired and sluggish. (This is called the tamasic
effect). Other foods leave us feeling agitated or over-stimulated (the rajasic effect). Yet others leave us feeling calm, alert and refreshed. This is the sattvic effect and the basis of the sattvic diet. Agree? Well do something about it! I certainly have. Eat. Live. Enjoy.


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