Kingsley: 09-01-15 First Steps

Friday 9th January 2015

With our friends as witnesses, Kingsley took his first unassisted steps…and I managed to capture it on the GoPro!! The Toobys were over. We’d just polished off a bottle of Aussie Sauvignon Blanc and a case of beer, when in the evening, and with some encouragement, Kingsley makes every effort to squat up and down, then stand upright and with a mighty strength in his core and a newfound steadiness to his legs, puts one leg before the other, keeps his eyes on me, and totters toward the blinking red ‘record’ button of the GoPro.

I of course was screaming and holding back tears but I managed to capture the moment!!

Newborn Kingsley

Newborn Kingsley’s hooves which will carry him upright and unassisted a whole 5 steps exactly 13 month later

Kingsley Charles Hartley 108

Cheeky NiNii will, for the next 13 months, enjoy sweeping my tiles cleans with all that crawling he does.


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