Today is my 5 year old son’s first day of school. He asked me, “Mumma, are you going to stay with me today?” I blinked back tears and softly answered, “No, baby, you will stay here by yourself.” I wasn’t sure how he would react, but he quickly exclaimed, “Yay! He ran off and didn’t look back.

Why am I posting this? Because this is my baby who never took a bottle or a pacifyer. He didn’t sleep through the night till he was 3 years old. He nursed through the night till he was 2 years. And stopped breastfeeding at 3.5.I held him for every nap for at least 3 years. He coslept with us and needed to be touching someone to sleep.

Now he’s 5.5 and at school. He doesn’t want to be hugged in public. He no longer naps but sleeps 12 hours at night, still thankfully wanting us next to him. He has never wet the bed. He is so confident and able, independent and fearless. We never did any sleep training. He was never to cry. To the opposite: we showed him what love feeks like. unconditional And now that I look back, I have to chuckle when I think about how concerned I was about creating “bad” habits or “sleep crutches” or all those other things that mainstream society tries to drill into our subconscious minds. If I could do it over, I would do it all the same, except I would enjoy it more. 💙 Because time passes quickly; baby boys turn into toddlers who turn into little boys. And before you know it, you have this little person who runs off to play with new friends instead of needing to be bounced to sleep on a yoga ball. 😭

Moral of the story: Enjoy the snuggles. 💗Stress less. Don’t compare your child to others. {I’m typing this while nursing his 5 month old brother Keanu for a nap.} I hope this encourages some Mama who is at the end of her sleep deprived rope. IT DOES GET BETTER! 💤 I promise. ☺️ XOXO.