My Mango Flowered Princess

Here’s a quiz: what do mangoes,  poison ivy, cashews and pistachios have in common?

Answer: they are all part of the Anachardiaceae family. OK – enough of the geek-talk. Lets talk about something that oozes fresh tasting, gloriously textured goodness: the ripe mango. But which one? You see mango comes in over 50 varieties, ranging in color from greenish, yellowish, to reddish, often tinged with purple, pink, orange-yellow, or red.

Who doesn’t submit to the lure of a mango? I sure cannot be restrained when one is about. A Hindu legend tells the story of the mango tree growing from the ashes of the sun princess, who had been incinerated by an evil sorceress. The Emperor fell in love with the mango flower and subsequently its fruit. When the mango ripened and fell to the ground, the beautiful sun princess emerged. Thus, the mango has become a symbol of love in India, and a basket of mangoes the perfect gesture of friendship.


Mango. D3000; f/5.6; Exposure Time: 1/30sec; ISO-250

Mango. D3000; f/5.6; Exposure Time: 1/30sec; ISO-250


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