Cooler Winter Dubai Weather 2017

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Who would have thought its still winter in Dubai, this the first day of March? In fact Spring starts on 20th March here, the truth of which makes expats here very happy as this cool weather makes outdoor pursuits pleasant.

For this reason we are spending every single day outside.

Enjoy our walking tour of a winter Dubai…

About Alice

I run, I jump, I sing, I dance. Whether climbing trees, walls or stairs I do it at a clip. When out, my date is always Trusty Nikon (who never lets me down in the attire stakes; so smart in his black, with a pop of red!). Where does it lead, this love affair of mine? Well, its lead me to Dubai, via the matrimonial aisle, thanks to a gorgeous husband who whisked me from Coogee beach, Sydney into the Arabian Peninsula - to my new home, Dubai. I am a freelance writer and photographer and my wish is to snap away, to scribe and to share it all with you. Enjoy.
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